Setting You Up for the Romanian Market

When you first approach a new market, it is essential to set the right tone with your audience and build your communication strategy based on sound principles. Besides, it’s much easier to follow a set of thumb rules from the very start than to correct errors retrospectively. As an intercultural expert, very well anchored both in source and target cultures, I can act as an effective relay between your company and your Romanian customers and assist you with translation strategy and technology, terminology management and company documents.

Consulting Services
Translation & Localization Management
  • Translation memory management
  • Customized terminology support (termbase/glossary setup)
  • Drafting customized Romanian style guides to be used for into Romanian translation projects
  • Setting up multilingual text corpora according to your specialty fields and needs
Document Templating
  • Support with creating business document templates (e.g. contracts, memos, emails, slide decks etc.)
  • PR related document templates
  • Support with eLearning training documentation (e.g. quizzes, interactive course modules, forms etc.)
  • Ad blueprints for digital marketing
Cultural Research
  • Describing cultural trends and characteristics (i.e. indicating viability of products, product names, topics, and communication strategies)
  • Providing insight into culturally-related behaviours of Romanian customers
  • Creating compared behavioural reports (e.g. how and why Romanian customers act differently than their British counterparts)
Translation Resource Counselling
  • Identifying the right human resources for your translation needs (according to language combination, specialization etc.)
  • Indicating the right tech tools for your needs (e.g. CAT tools, Translation Management Systems, machine translation engines)
  • Indicating which text types are appropriate for machine translation and which for human translation
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