Your Brand Messages Deserve the Right Packaging

A gift without a neat wrapping will send the wrong message to the recipient. Similarly, an idea conveyed bluntly to your customer base will probably go unnoticed. I can help you wrap your brand messages in beautifully written copy, whether you need a powerful tagline, social media content or even print ads for your Romanian audience.

Types of Copy I Handle
Brand Taglines & Headlines
  • Initial task specific cultural and linguistic consultancy
  • Multiple tag- or headline proposals (at least 3) with arguing
  • Client chooses the version that best fits their purpose or request a second round of proposals
Ad Scripts
  • Localization of your English or French ad scripts
  • Writing strategy adapted to closed captioning or dubbing
  • Ensuring compliance with the media of your choice
Social Media Content
  • Social media posts, articles & captions
  • I can provide insight into the behaviour of Romanian customers on social media
  • I can recommend the right social media for you
  • Copywriting strategy adapted to the specificities of each medium
Other copy
  • Print ad copy
  • Blog posts & content marketing
  • Digital marketing copy
  • PR content & press releases
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