Review & LQA

An Eye for Detail, Content and Language

Review and Language Quality Assessment (LQA) are essential steps in any translation or content writing task. Before releasing or printing your content, you need to make sure that it is accurate, correct and cohesive. I perform reviews & LQAs on a daily basis and I have a well trained eye for typos, language, formatting and any objective errors. In addition, I will rephrase ambiguous, cluttered or convoluted text in order to make it as reader friendly as possible.

Review & LQA Explained
  • The main purpose is to ensure correctness & compliance with the requirements of the translation/drafting task
  • Check of equivalence with source text (if applicable)
  • Checking of Punctuation and grammar
  • Checking of meaning
  • Ensuring intratextual cohesion
  • Checking logical structure
  • Adapting to culture and target readers’ expectations
  • Mostly sample-based
  • The purpose is to assess quality of a translation or translation sample
  • Assessment is performed against client proprietary or industry standard grids
  • All edits/errors are explained and graded
  • The final outcome of the task is a score
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