Translation & Localization

Going Beyond Accurate Translations

Yes, accuracy is essential for any translation. But it isn’t enough. An accurate translation lacking flow and clarity will most likely tire and annoy the reader. I always try to find the right balance between the information conveyed in the source text  and the client’s requirements, readers’ expectations and cultural specificities. In the end, my goal is to produce clear, elegant, culturally adapted and consistent translations. Each word and each phrase are placed in the right position to complete the puzzle of your message to your Romanian customers and prospects.

Main Specialty Fields
Life Sciences
  • Instructions for use for various medical devices
  • Complex medical system documentation (e.g. integrated radiotherapy systems, diabetes management solutions, diagnostics systems)
  • Clinical trial documentation
  • Genetics-related content
  • Regulatory EMA drug documentation (SmPCs, labels, PILs)
  • Medical letters and referrals
  • Medical articles
  • Web, mobile app and software UI localization
  • Online help content
  • Mobile app and software documentation
  • Tutorial video subtitling
  • eLearning UI & content
  • CRM related content (emails, notifications)
  • Print or online marketing brochures
  • Product/Service catalogues
  • Newsletters
  • Content marketing related materials (blog posts, social media, advertorials etc.)
  • Healthcare and medical leaflets
  • Subtitling for marketing videos
  • Intranet UI & content
  • Employee training materials & slide decks
  • Company announcements
  • Employee on-boarding documentation
  • Meeting and conference minutes
  • Various HR related content
  • Business serious games
Translation Process and Tools

High quality translations require clear processes, team-work and efficient tools. Every translation task must undergo several stages, and each step requires a specific set of tools and resources. For full translation services (TEP) I team up with excellent Romanian translators and reviewers and I use the best tools on the market, including SDL Trados Studio, memoQ and ApSIC Xbench.

Client Briefing

Negotiating the purpose and desired results of the translation.


Source text analysis and terminology management. Requires the use of a CAT tool and a terminology management app.


Target text production and Translation Memory update. Requires a CAT tool and terminology management app.


Editing of the target text performed by a different professional. Requires a CAT tool.

QA + Proofreading

Final automated check of the reviewed translation and layout proofreading. Requires a QA engine.

My collaborators for translation, editing & proofreading services
Freelance translator

Laura Sabău

Laura is a highly experienced medical translator, editor and proofreader working with English, French and Romanian.

Freelance Translator

Elvira Daraban

Elvira is a highly experienced translator working with English, French, Russian and Romanian, specializing in medical, technical and legal translations.

Freelance Translator

Cristian Sălăjan

Cristian is a highly skilled translator and localizer working with English, French, German and Romanian, specializing in Gaming, Medical, IT, Marketing fields.

Freelance Translator

Sigrid Crasnean

Sigrid is a super-fast, super-efficient translator working with English, French, Finnish and Romanian, specializing in life sciences & marketing. She is also one of the leading Finnish > Romanian literary translators.

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