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Procrastination can be good for you

Procrastination is one of the most feared omens in the professional world. I mean how can procrastination be good when it may prevent you to deliver your projects on time? Well, I will dare say that sometimes procrastination can help! Take the following situation: you have just begun work on a 20,000 word project and you’re still in the accommodation phase. You’re trying various approaches, you’re getting acquainted with the terminology and language of the project and, admit it, progress is quite slow. But then again, in this stage you’re not very pressed by the deadline. And as you blissfully type along, sipping from your coffee cup – maybe music playing in the background – bang! something hits you! There’s a word, a phrase or even a sentence you can’t figure out. Of course, your first instinct is to think. And you think. Then you think some more… No, still can’t figure it out. Next, you’re trying various approaches, you write down a couple of variants, but you’re still not happy with the outcome. Trying all these techniques will just make you frustrated. You will not be able to come up with anything good because as you grow angrier your focusing capacity declines. So why not try a different technique? I have, and it has always worked! Why not get away from your desk, maybe log out of your computer and go cook something, or read from your favourite novel, or even sleep on it? Whenever I did this, the solution just naturally appeared when I resumed work after a couple of hours/the next day. So there, procrastination can help you!

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