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Brand of the Week: Exsens

Because I’ve been a brand enthusiast for quite a while now, I decided to write every week about hip, inspirational brands. I will judge them by their statement, visual identity and philosophy, and not by the intrinsic quality of their products or services (except for the ones that I actually experienced). Also, it’s not my intention to advertise them in any way nor to infringe any copyrights (for images and other media). I will just present them and say why I like them.

The brand of this week is: Exsens


















































What they sell: They specialize in high quality intimate cosmetic products (massage oils, lubes, lipsticks).

Why I like the brand: I think the idea is great because they offer a stylish alternative to the mainstream brands in this field (Durex, Trojan etc.) and they have a non-chalant, natural approach towards sex.  And by promoting a clean, glamorous and quality-driven look (in the lines of Clinique, Clarins), the brand appeals to fashion-conscious, non-conformist customers who only buy cosmetic products based a thorough survey. Naturally, the Paris moniker has a major contribution to this.



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