Brand of the Week: Clinica de bere

Today, I’m going local with this fun, hip Romanian beer brand. This is a tiny, boutique-like, high-quality beer company doing business almost exclusively in their local area (the city of Timișoara). Their name translates into English as ”The Beer Clinic” and, needless to say, everything about this brand is related to the medical paradigm. Their product lines […]

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Brand of the Week: The Infinite Monkey Theorem

I stumbled upon this very interesting brand one day and I thought I’d share with you. Surprisingly enough, The Infinite Monkey Theorem is a wine brand based in Denver, Colorado. Why I like the brand: because it has the guts to challenge the entire traditional concept of wine-making. The company don’t have their own a vineyard, they don’t care […]

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Brand of the Week: Exsens

Because I’ve been a brand enthusiast for quite a while now, I decided to write every week about hip, inspirational brands. I will judge them by their statement, visual identity and philosophy, and not by the intrinsic quality of their products or services (except for the ones that I actually experienced). Also, it’s not my […]

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